“Anomaly” by Peter Cawdron

For those of you who like sci-fi, this should be a must read! It was very entertaining and gave an interesting concept of what first contact with aliens might be like.

The main character is an elementary school teacher that, while taking his class on a field trip, ends up in the team that is examining an extraterrestrial anomaly that has parked itself right in front of the United Nations building in New York City. As the story progresses, they learn more and more it and what its ultimate goal is for coming to Earth.

So often, sci-fi seems to be the same (authors borrowing heavily from other author’s ideas). This was a refreshing take on the topic. The author, Peter Cawdron, also has another great book out: “Galactic Exploration”. I encourage you to check out his block and purchase one or both of the books. You won’t be disappointed.

Peter Cawdron’s Blog


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One response to ““Anomaly” by Peter Cawdron

  1. Thanks for the kind review.

    Anomaly was a fun thought-experiment. I was trying to get as far away as I could from the generic Hollywood tropes about aliens (big teeth and laser beams). The story is based on comments by Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking, where they liken our first contact with an alien species to Columbus discovering America, only the difference between civilizations would be far greater than even that huge disparity. And I liked the idea of an alien ship landing but no one notices. The characterisation isn’t as strong as my later books, but writing is an art, one that authors grow into.

    All the best with your literary endeavors.


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