“Robopocalypse” by Daniel H. Wilson

Robopocalypse is set in a world where artificial intelligence has taken over basically anything with a computer in it. Through (usually) first-person narratives, we learn that a super-intelligent computer named Archos has managed to turn machines against mankind. Cars kill their occupants by crashing, while at the same time trying to run down as many people as possible. Domestic robots go on murderous rampages against those that own them. Even basic household appliances go crazy.

The humans don’t go down without a fight, but because of having depended on technology so much their “defense” it quite weak. Archos learns and adapts at a fast rate, putting most of humanity into labor camps while creating ever-new robots to explore and dominate the rest of the world. “Rob,” as this technology is collectively known, seeks to rid earth of the disease known as people.

Much of the book focuses on bands of survivors and how they end up uniting to fight Archos at his home base in Alaska.

Overall, the book was excellent. It was told in a style similar to the book “World War Z”, which I found to be a good format. The characters were compelling, and the stories (and how they came together in the end) were engaging. This is a great addition to the science fiction genre and I would suggest it to anyone who likes sci-fi.


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