“Anomaly” by Peter Cawdron

For those of you who like sci-fi, this should be a must read! It was very entertaining and gave an interesting concept of what first contact with aliens might be like.

The main character is an elementary school teacher that, while taking his class on a field trip, ends up in the team that is examining an extraterrestrial anomaly that has parked itself right in front of the United Nations building in New York City. As the story progresses, they learn more and more it and what its ultimate goal is for coming to Earth.

So often, sci-fi seems to be the same (authors borrowing heavily from other author’s ideas). This was a refreshing take on the topic. The author, Peter Cawdron, also has another great book out: “Galactic Exploration”. I encourage you to check out his block and purchase one or both of the books. You won’t be disappointed.

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Adventures In Literature

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I love to read books… A LOT. I’m not particular picky which genre, either.

What most of you may not know is that sometime in 2004 I started writing a book (it’s been so long that I don’t remember the exact date). Going to college and life in general took priority, which is why it’s now almost 2013 and I haven’t even finished a first draft. I recently decided to change that.

I’ve started this blog for two reasons.

  • First, because I have started writing my book again and plan to get it published sometime in the spring of 2013. It will be part one of a three-part series. Of course, publishing the sequels will depend on how well sales go for the first book.
  • Second, to a lesser extent, I will use this blog to review books that I’ve recently read that really stick out at me.

I will be using this blog to post information about both of those things (hence the subtitle of this blog). This is just the first post of many. I encourage everyone to please bookmark this blog. I will update everyone on my progress in getting my book published. I hope, when that day comes, that you will all either buy a hard copy or one as an e-book.

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October 23, 2012 · 1:24 pm